Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My dear Natalie Faithe was born January 9th, 2007. She has definately brought several smiles to our family. We joke and say she's the boy we wanted because her actions are so boyish. Natalie is a name I have liked since Kylie was born. There aren't too many of them floating around and I think it's a beautiful name. "Faithe" comes from matching Kylie's middle name of "Grace". I didn't personally care for Faithe, but her daddy insisted. So to add character to the name, I had to add an "E"to the end and change the spelling.

My dear two year old is a red head that lives up to it. She's a tough little girl who thinks she is as big as her big sister. Anything Kylie can do, she can too! I can't wait to tell you some of the stories of how she keeps us laughing. I hope you enjoy reading about my dear sweet Natalie Faithe!

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